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Intensive Pre Train Vs Pre Lab Pro Vs BlackWolf: The 3 Best Pre-Workout for Energy and Muscles!

Do you want to give a boost to your fitness level and achieve dramatic body-improving results? So, it’s time to give your workout regime a potent lift with an effective pre-workout supplement that will work vigorously on your athletic performance as this performance-amplifying formula will help you smash fitness goals in the quickest possible way. Your fitness routine does require a lift to heighten your exercise performance so that you can enhance your strength, endurance, energy, and stamina levels and therefore maximize your workout results. Only a powerful pre-workout supplement can give you the much-needed breakthrough and energy boost during your daily workout sessions when you actually feel less enthusiastic about your gym sessions. Pre-workouts provide you with the ideal kind of energy and invigorate you so that you can go all out during the back-breaking and exhausting exercise routines and attain your fitness goals perfectly.

So, let’s discuss some wonderfully effective pre-workout supplements that you can get your hands on at a pocket-friendly rate.

Which are the Top 3 Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-Workout Supplements are a subset of ergogenic aids which are substances intended to enhance performance and energy levels during physical activity. These supplements typically contain stimulants such as caffeine and other ingredients including amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, creatine, and other herbal extracts. The functioning components of the pre-workout supplement are designed to increase muscular strength, endurance, and power output with their purpose being to improve an individual’s overall athletic performance.

And among the plenty of pre-workout formulas available on the market, here are the three most effective pre-workout supplements that outperform all other obtainable products:

#1 Intensive Pre-Train

#2 Pre Lab Pro

#3 Blackwolf Pre-workout

So, let’s discuss these most useful pre-training formulas in a detailed way.

What is Intensive Pre-Train?

What are the Ingredients in INTENSIVE Pre-Train?

Let’s have a look at the formulation of this pre-training formula:

  1. Citrulline Malate 2:1– this efficacious amino acid assists in enhancing blood flow which aids inpromoting the development of bigger muscle mass and boosting exercise performance. Due to its vasodilating effects, this amino acid aids in relaxing blood vessels and pumping up muscle mass and also intensifies vascularity. It also lessens muscle fatigue and alleviates soreness and stokes up athletic performance.

  2. Beta-Alanine – this potent amino acid amplifies performance and helps to assuage lactic acid build-up in muscles by increasing the production of the molecule carnosine in the muscles which in turn supports enhanced physical performance and allays muscle fatigue.

  3. Betaine Anhydrous – this natural plant-derived compound usually found in spinach and beets elevates workout capacity and enhances body composition. This nutrient boost muscle hydration which encourages one to lift heavier weights in the gym with more power and strength

  4. L-Tyrosine – this vital amino acid aids in developing muscle mass and balances mood as it encourages the production of dopamine. This nutrient lessens stress levels and sharpens focus during workout sessions. It decreases anxiety and supports better moods and a stronger mindful state by stimulating the release of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine that provides a massive boost to the body’s energy production process.

  5. L-Taurine – this important amino acid increases energy levels, sharpens focus, and elevates endurance levels. This crucial nutrient also staves off muscle damage due to oxidative stress created by intense exercise and so it takes care of muscle mass.

  6. L-Arginine AKG 2:1 – this has been added for greater absorption as the powerful blend of l-arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate supports higher levels of nitric oxide which helps in relaxing blood vessels and generates powerful vasodilation which leads to rapid muscle building. Owing to greater blood and nutrient flow the muscles get fuelled optimally which results in larger muscle development.

  7. Vitamin C – this immunity-boosting potent vitamin amplifies energy levels and sustains quicker recovery and production of collagen that accelerates wound healing. It also supports energy metabolism and heals muscle fibers post-workout.

  8. KSM-66 Ashwagandha – this is a potent form of ashwagandha that is a naturally stronger adaptogen that is clinically proven to cut down stress levels, elevate energy levels and increase endurance. This revitalizing herbal extract stokes up the growth of muscle mass by uplifting testosterone levels and aids in shedding excess body fat by firing up metabolism.

    Furthermore, this nutrient promotes healthy protein synthesis and supercharges mental and sexual health, and also provides the exerciser with the right kind of vigorous drive required in the gym.

  9. En-Xtra – this groundbreaking patented compound from southern India is a clinically-effective nutrient that boosts energy levels and hones mental focus and wards off caffeine-induced crashes. It decreases stress levels and sharpens mental alertness for an extended period of time. This compound also performs the task of a metabolism enhancer and further amplifies stamina.

  10. Piperine – this alkaloid compound maximizes the absorption of the complete formula as it raises the effects of the supplement.

What are the benefits of taking INTENSIVE Pre-Train and does it cause any side effects?

Coming to side effects, you should know for a fact that there are no such reported side effects after taking this pre-workout formula as this supplement is a completely pure, clean, and plant-based formula that gets assimilated quickly into the body and does not cause any jitters, energy crashes or digestion problems.

Where to buy Intensive Pre-Train?

Intensive Pre-Train is not at all available on different online vendors like Amazon, GNC, and Walmart and one can only procure this exercise-boosting formula from the official website of Crazy Nutrition which will aid one to avoid all sorts of embezzlement, fraudulent transactions, or dishonest practices. Obtaining Intensive Pre-Train only from the official website of Crazy Nutrition will shield your purchase from fake transactions, and unwanted middleman charges and make way for further discounts on this product, redeem the risk-free money-back guarantee and receive bonus gifts.

So, to get your tub of Intensive Pre-Train, Click to visit the Official Crazy Nutrition Website.

What is Pre Lab Pro?

What are the Ingredients in Pre Lab Pro?

So, let’s go through each and every ingredient of this formula:

  1. RedNite, Red Beetroot Powder, 1500 mg – this highly dense beetroot powder is 25 times concentrated and unleashes a nitric oxide surge that boosts workout performance. This abundant source of nitrate increases nitric oxide levels and slackens blood vessels and enhances blood flow that makes the muscles work intensely hard. This nutrient boost neuromuscular performance, encourages amplified muscle power by fatigue resistance, elevates muscle energy by feeding the mitochondria of muscle cells, and also improves cardiovascular performance. It also improves mental clarity and quickens reaction time during exercise and fortifies cognition. It also soothes the muscles and encourages rapid recovery after exercise.

  2. Setria Performance Blend, Setria Glutathione, and L-Citrulline, 2200 mg – this effective ergogenic stack powers up athletic performance as these compounds rev up nitric oxide levels and bolster workout power, strength, speed, endurance, and overall exercise performance. This blend maximizes blood circulation and supplies a longer-lasting nitric oxide surge for optimum muscle fuel and also hastens muscle recovery.  

  3. Natural Caffeine obtained from Coffee Robusta Seeds, 80mg – this judiciously dosaged caffeine gives maximized workout boost as it unlocks all ergogenic caffeine effects like sharpening focus and attention, heightening energy levels, and also props up muscle strength and speeds up the fat burning process. It further strengthens endurance, sensory pleasure, motivation, and glycogen sparing.

  4. Suntheanine, L-Theanine, 160mg – this amino acid cuts down the caffeine-induced jitters and crashes and promotes peak workout intensity and crystal-clear calmness. It maintains relaxed alertness, supports positive mood, and mental clarity, and also supports purer stimulation for optimal exercise performance.

  5. Ajipure, L-Tyrosine, 400mg– this potent amino acid reuses all catecholamine neurotransmitters and encourages brain chemicals that bump up the athletic intensity and cognitive recovery. It increases the nootropic effects, supports caffeine stimulus and also elevates strength levels before workout sessions, and staves off anxiety and fatigue. It also prevents energy crashing and maintains higher physical, neuromuscular and cognitive performance even in extremely stressful conditions.

  6. Nutrigenesis Vitamin D3, 500IU – this essential bone-fortifying nutrient enhances bone health, muscle development, immune system, and muscle recuperation.

  7. Nutrigenesis B-Complex Vitamins – this nutritious blend of B-vitamins consisting of Riboflavin, Folate, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in fortifying overall health and makes up for the B-vitamins deficiency caused owing to caffeine intake and gruelling exercise. This nutrient blend increases cell energy production during exercise and supports red blood cell production, muscle repair, recuperation, and muscle protein synthesis which gives way to optimized physical and mental performance.

  8. Potassium, 49.5mg – this necessary mineral helps in maintaining hydration as it boosts exercise performance and takes care of nervous system health, supports better muscle control, and maintains healthy blood pressure.

  9. Iron, 2.5mg – this crucial nutrient oxygenates muscle tissues during gym sessions and heightens muscle performance and recovery. By fuelling iron levels, this nutrient bolsters athletic performance as it increases endurance, muscle power, and strength.

  10. Himalayan Pink Salt, 500 m – this compound aids in the maintenance of hydration during workouts and increases the absorption of amino acids and sports nutrients.

What are the benefits of taking Pre Lab Pro and does it cause any side effects?

There is no question of getting any side effects as this pre-training formula is a purely clean, natural allergen-free, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free supplement that is well-balanced and so will never cause any crashes, burnout, jittery feelings, or caffeine-induced stress. Further, Pre Lab Pro has gone through many control checks and this formula is approved by independent third-party laboratories which validate its safety and efficiency and so it will not lead to any health hazards.

Where to buy Pre Lab Pro?

Pre Lab Pro is not made available for sale on Amazon, GNC, or Walmart, as this performance-boosting formula can only be purchased from the official website of Opti-Nutra which will save one from forgery, theft, or unethical practices. Hence, purchasing Pre Lab Pro entirely from the official website of Opti-Nutra will help you to get maximum discounts on this product, save your purchase from unnecessary expenses and facilitate you to avail of the return policies and other additional rewards.

To get your hands on one of the strongest pre-workout supplements, tap here to buy Pre Lab Pro from the Official Opti Nutra Website.

What is BlackWolf?

What are the Ingredients in BlackWolf Pre-Workout Powder?

Let’s get a closer look at the 12 ingredients of this pre-training formula:

  1. L-Citrulline Malate, 6000mg– this improves blood circulation and elevates the nitric oxide levels that supply more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles which as a consequence helps boost energy levels, increases strength, endurance, and power and leads to massive muscle pumps.

  2. Beta-Alanine, 3200mg – it cranks up the amount of carnosine in the muscles which avert the build-up of lactic acid and helps in preventing fatigue, and also uplifts energy.

  3. Creatine Monohydrate, 3000mg – It amplifies muscle endurance and resistance to exhaustion as it plays a vital role in ATP energy production.

  4. Betaine Anhydrous, 2000mg – This compound elevates performance and muscle growth as it supports protein synthesis.

  5. L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), 1000mg – it heightens aerobic and anaerobic performance and enhances blood circulation, and increases muscle pumps.

  6. Taurine, 1000mg – it allays muscle fatigue, hastens recovery, and also provides antioxidant protection by staving off oxidative stress.

  7. L-Tyrosine, 600mg – It slows down the depletion of vital neurotransmitters and sharpens focus in the workouts.

  8. Caffeine Anhydrous, 200mg – it enables one to be more mentally alert, lowers fatigue, and revs up the neurotransmitters.

  9. Dynamine, 125 mg – it powerfully stimulates and stops fatigue-causing adenosine and increases cognitive sharpness.

  10. DMAE, 150mg and Huperzine, 10mg – these two compounds work in tandem to boost acetylcholine levels which in turn enhances muscle movement, strength, and focus.

  11. Coconut Water Powder, 320mg – enriched with electrolytes that keep one hydrated during exhausting workouts.

  12. BioPerine, 5mg – This amplifies the bioavailability and absorption of all other ingredients.

What are the Benefits of taking BlackWolf Pre- Workout and does it cause any side effects?

No, there are no such reported side effects linked with this pre-workout supplement as it has been formulated with vegan-friendly, safe, and clinically proven ingredients. Hence, this formula will never give rise to any nasty side effects.

Where to buy BlackWolf?

BlackWolf cannot be purchased from online e-commerce platforms like Amazon, GNC, or Walmart as this performance-enhancing pre-workout supplement can only be obtained from the official website of Health Nutrition Limited which will protect one’s purchase from fraud, embezzlement, or unethical practices. Hence purchasing Blackwolf only from the official website of Health Nutrition Limited will get you the best prices for the product, save you from unwanted charges and also help you to get bonus gifts like fitness cookbooks, etc.

To buy this Natural Pre-Workout Powder, Click here to visit the Official BlackWolf Website, brought to you by Health Nutrition Limited.

Comparison between the 3 Best Pre Workout Drinks

CharacteristicsIntensive Pre-TrainPre Lab ProBlackWolf
Main PurposeProvides explosive energy, focus and drive before workoutsMakes one enjoy peak performance without crashesGives you energy, focus and endurance
ManufacturerCrazy NutritionOpti NutraHealth Nutrition Ltd.
Dosage1 scoop every day before working out1 scoop daily before the workout1 scoop to be taken before a workout
How to take it?1 scoop of this formula is to be added to 8-12 oz. of water and should be consumed 30 minutes prior workout.1 scoop of this formula to be taken with water 30 minutes before the workout.
*Note: Do not exceed more than 2 scoops in 24 hours.
One single scoop of this formula is to be mixed into water and consumed 15 to 30 minutes before daily workouts.
Flavors Available
  1. Fruit Punch,
  2. Blue Raspberry
  3. Green Apple.
  1. Berry Blast only.
  1. Fruit Punch,
  2. Green Apple
  3. Blue Raspberry.
  • The Standard size offers 20 servings and costs $41.99.
  • The Most Popular size offers 40 servings and is priced at $75.99.
  • The Biggest Savings size gives 60 servings and is priced at $119.99.
  • 1-Month Supply
is priced at $59.00.
  • 2-Month Supply costs $118.00.
  • 3-Month Supply + 1 Canister Free costs $177.00.
    • 1 Tub
    costs $44.99
  • 2 Tubs costs $99.98 each, that is $179.96.
  • Money-back guarantee60-days Money-back Guarantee30-day Money-back GuaranteeNone
    Where to Buy these affordable pre-workouts?Click to Buy Intensive Pre-Train from the Official Website.Click to Buy Pre Lab Pro from the Official Website.Click to Buy BlackWolf Pre-Workout from the Official Website.


    Clearly all the three above-discussed pre-training formulas are of premium quality, vegan-friendly and clean, clinically safe and proven muscle-fuelling supplements that are made up of purely natural compounds fortified with nootropic enhancers and energy boosters that let you unleash your complete fitness potential and give you bigger muscle and strength-building results without any energy crashes or jitteriness.

    However, Intensive Pre-Train stands out a little more ahead compared to Pre Lab pro and BlackWolf due to the generous 60-day money-back guarantee policy and the whopping 19 ingredient formulation. Nevertheless, all the three pre-workout formulas are truly amazing and must-try pre-training nutriments that will make you go like a rocket before your brutal gym sessions!

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